Deep Fat Fryers

A deep fat fryer is an appliance that is used for deep frying food. More commonly known as simply a deep fryer, this appliance is used to quickly cook food by immersing them in boiling hot oil. This appliance consists of a well that holds the cooking oil and a basket that is used to lower and raise the food. A standard commercial deep fat fryer also has timers with an alarm, a ventilation system to catch all the odors formed, and oil filters to extend the life of the oil.

Modern Innovations in Deep Fat Fryers

The development of technology has improved deep fat fryers in terms of energy efficiency and temperature control. Modern deep fat fryers incorporate new heat transfer systems to increase their energy efficiency. Some of the high end models even make use of infrared heating or convection heating. These new models also make use of electronic temperature controls. These controls help in minimizing energy usage by constantly adjusting the temperature of the oil to the desired temperature. These controls also help prevent fires by shutting down the heating system once the oil reaches very high temperatures.

Electric Fryers vs. Gas Fryers

A outdoor catering bbq equipment can be powered by electricity or gas. Electric fryers are more popular because of their mobility as well as their characteristic of losing less heat in between frying cycles. On the other hand, gas fryers offer a faster cooking time since they are able to heat the oil at a quicker rate. Gas fryers are also a lot cheaper since gas tanks are generally less expensive than electricity.